Friday, August 18, 2006


My blog is worth $1,129.08.
How much is your blog worth?

This blog has accrued more "interest" in two months than my other blog did in more than a year. Weird. Too bad I can't cash it all in and get me some liposuction. But that would be cheating, yes?

Speaking of liposuction, perhaps you've already seen one of my favorite Web sites. Or maybe not...

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Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Month-and-a-Half's Progress

This is not my new bra

Well, with the heatwave and everything, I'll admit I've not been Rhythmballing as much as I should. So I was a little concerned when I decided to go out and buy some new clothes the other day. I shouldn't have worried. The skirts I tried on in size 20 were all too big! They were supposed to fit around my hips but they just sagged. I tried on some 18s and was able to zip them up -- they fit around my waist, but as that's where I prefer to wear my clothes I was happy about it.

I was bummed when none of the tops fit, but was vindicated when I tried on a bra that was 2 inches AND one cup-size smaller than what I'd been wearing! When I got home, I tried on my pre-pregnancy bra with a size 38 band and it fit!!!! I'm wearing it today and it's sexy as hell.

The great thing about getting active is it's definitely improving my well-being in other ways... I'm drinking fewer alcoholic beverages and eating lots more vegetables. In my pre-Rhythmball days I'd go grocery shopping, dump out the rotten veggies from my refrigerator bin, put fresh ones in the bin, and repeat every week. Nowadays we're eating almost all the vegetables before they have a chance to go bad. I'm especially enjoying snacks of baby carrots dipped in spicy hummus -- low fat, with enough zip to make my taste buds happy.

I've also ordered a new instructional DVD. When I was beta-testing the original, I realized that it was in Chinese format! My TV wouldn't play it, but my multilingual Macintosh does, so I've been watching it on my laptop. But now that I'm trying to work on the more advanced tricks, my laptop screen is a bit too small to really watch what's going on. The CEO of all-things-Rhythmball ordered a slew of North America format instructional DVDs, and I'm looking forward to getting mine and practicing Rhythmball in front of our new flat-screen TV. While wearing my new, smaller bra. :)


Pants size June 30, 2006: 22
Pants size August 14, 2006: 20 (but fit into size 18 skirts at Old Navy)
Bra size June 30, 2006: tight 42G
Bra size August 14, 2006: 40 DD / 38 G
Overarching Goal: Fit into my black leather pants by Christmas (God bless us, everyone!)

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