Thursday, May 03, 2007

The Truth about May 15 Gas Out

I've been in the e-mail game for a while now, and largely stay away from forwarded e-mails; most of my friends know not to send them to me. I get most of my e-mail from aggregate services. But when my father and Katie, two individuals as far as each other could be and still be human, both sent me the same


e-mail within 24 hours of each other I realized it would be time to bring the thing to rest soon.

Carolyn sent it to me next, but with "The question ---- Does a Gas out really do anything?" I expediently conjured up and sent its "MAY 15th GAS OUT: false" entry to her. She sent it to everyone on her list, giving me credit while also noting how speedily I'd managed it.

The moment before I logged in to BlogHarbor, I received a fourth version from my church in California.

People, please: If it really makes you feel better, remove your faded-to-white "Support our Troops" yellow-ribbon magnets and instead adorn your automobile with a car cover as many days a week as you can.