Thursday, January 04, 2007

Happy New Year!

I am back from California where I visited family and chased the baby around various grandparents' and aunties' houses, thereby ensuring, if not improving upon, the level of fitness I'd achieved via Rhythmball. Never know how handy baby gates are until you spend three weeks without them. Anyway...

We are all sick, including baby, who has not one but TWO sinus infections, which is totally unbelievable because he's the same happy, sunny boy he always is. Katie suggests he might be "stupid," which is completely not true and, frankly, has somewhat ticked me off.

I guess the really bad news, however, is that I have an idea for a new writing project, and it will have to be a screenplay, which is a major bummer because for me, screenplay writing is the most horrific type of writing there is, just flat-out a pain in the rear, and so difficult, and I'm cringing at the thought of it.

My dad bought Darling Husband a "write a novel in a month" box set. Maybe I'll appropriate it and bang through this screenplay in 30 days.

We'll see...