Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Monday, August 21, 2006

Can It!

I have found the one activity more sweat-inducing than Rhythmball: canning. This weekend was all about putting fresh fruits and veggies into jars and processing them in a boiling-water bath. Hadn't done it for two years so I was a bit rusty, but nevertheless productive. Here's the count:

Peach-pineapple jam: nine half-pints, two pints
Mango salsa: six half-pints, four pints
Tomato butter: nine half-pints, 13 pints
Tomatoes: three pints, two quarts
Blueberry jam: six half-pints, one pint

Thanks to Carolyn from my church for the boxes of jars, and DH for watching baby both afternoons. I still have half a box of tomatoes, which I think will be turned into tomato salsa. And then I'll tear out all of my basil plants and make a mess of pesto, which I'll freeze. Yummmmmmmmm....

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