Thursday, August 31, 2006

Lowered Weight, Raised Confidence

Well, the weather has perked up a bit and my mood, likewise. Getting back into the Rhythmball "swing" (little pun there) of things and wondering why more people aren't giving the sport a try. I think it might have something to do with lack of confidence.

It's funny -- we Americans have this reputation of being brash and self-confident, but when it comes to athletic abilities that brashness goes right out the window. I was talking to a certified personal trainer this week, telling him about Rhythmball. He hopped online and looked at the Rhythmball home page. This is a guy who does martial arts and is in top physical condition, and yet his first impression upon seeing the little movie on the home page? "Wow. I could never do that."

Why is it that we're raised to believe that we can do anything, and yet inherently doubt our own physical abilities? I'm no Martha Graham -- in fact, if I were a celebrity (working on it) I could be in a show called "Falling Down with the Stars." And yet, I managed to keep the ball on the Rhythmball paddle consistently after only one practice session, and had most of the first set of tricks mastered after only two or three go-arounds.

It's not that hard, people! It can even be done sitting down if you want to start off easy or are a "wheeled" individual (in fact, Rhythmball was originally developed to help people in wheelchairs improve musculature, circulation, digestion and more). And now the box of new clothes my mother-in-law sent me are mostly too big, which is continuing to bolster my confidence. It's well worth the $30 (ok, $29.95 plus shipping and handling) if you're looking to improve not only your body, but your outlook and, hey, even your physical confidence! I haven't tripped over my own feet in weeks. It's a beautiful thing. And it's totally fun, too. But that's for another day. Time to go Rhythmball!

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Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Rhythmball Benefit #49

My friend Kris came over for a visit today with her seven-month-old baby, Eli, who has eyes so blue they look purple. I have a soft spot in my heart for Eli because he weighed even more than MY baby did at birth -- my kid was 9 lbs. 4.5 oz, and Eli was 11 lbs. 7.75 ounces. Yowza.

I let Kris settle in before sweeping her baby onto my lap, where I bounced him for a little while until he got restless. I stood up to hand him back to his mommy and he practically floated up to the ceiling.

"Kris," I said, "he's light as a feather!"

"Lynn," she replied, "he's 21 pounds!"

Which makes me wonder how heavy he'd feel if I hadn't spent the last two months Rhythmball-ing and all last week helping Melanie move her shoes and makeup, and also makes me wonder how much my nine-month-old weighs. He goes in for his well-baby check this week. Anyone want to place some bets???

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Monday, August 28, 2006

Another sweat-inducing activity

Last week I announced that only canning is as sweat-inducing as Rhythmball. I'd like to revise that statement, having spent all of last week helping a Southern woman move. I usually don't rely on such generalizations but having spent hours packing her 1) makeup and 2) shoes, I belive the designation is important. We must have packed eight tall cartons of shoes. Eight! And of course they had to be split into "Fall shoes," "Winter Shoes," and "Shoes" designations. Frankly, last week was all about sweating and designating. I packed her bathroom, pantry, and kitchen, plus made a trip to her storage unit to help load up two enormous trunks -- think "Rope" enormous. All this, and I still managed to get in two Rhythmball sessions. But after being the only person helping a Southern woman move all week, that exercise might have been a bit superfluous. My friend did, however, note that I'm strong. Good combination of Rhythmball and toting around my enormous baby.

And why was I the only person who helped her (save my DH who came on the last day)? Because she's lived in New England since 1998. She was feeling pretty bummed about the fact that none of her peeps came by, but I let her know that when our pastor moved this summer, DH and I were the only ones who helped him pack.

But that's another rant for another day, possibly on another blog.

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