Monday, November 27, 2006

Down Another Size!

My tighter size 18 pants are fitting better, but the thing I'm most excited about is I've dropped another panty size! This is great news for me, because I gained so much butt weight when I was pregnant it was difficult to tell whether I was coming or going. Really. And though I'd put away my maternity undies a couple of months ago, I couldn't budge out of my first-trimester bikinis. This morning I was digging through my underwear drawer looking for clean, uh, drawers. The only ones I could find were the black ones that, three weeks ago, cut off all circulation to my lower extremities and made me look like the Michelin man after too many four-star meals. And yet today, they fit, felt great, didn't ride up, and were perfectly comfortable. This is particularly impressive due to the fact that in the past week I've consumed baby's first-birthday cake, a wedge of Brie, and at least an entire pie. Thanks Rhythmball!

Never thought I'd be talking about my unmentionables in a blog but hey, now that they're smaller, I've got something big to blab about! Whoot!

Oh, and by the way, don't ever type "black panties" into Google Images, unless you want to see a guy with a hairy beer gut sporting pink satin panties, which you probably don't. Trust me on this.

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