Monday, December 04, 2006

Serving Bessie: It's a Hit!

I read my new one-act, Serving Bessie, at the Mytown Playwright's Lab this evening and it was a big fat hit. Woo hoo! I was a little nervous -- see, I live in this uber-progressively liberal town in Western Massachusetts, and wasn't certain that the Lab members would find humor in a play whose premise is "a vegan and a Jersey cow are trapped together on a desert island" -- but there were chuckles throughout and they loved the ending. They all agreed that it didn't need to be any longer, and they all thought it was plenty funny ("It's one joke," Sarah said, "but it's a really funny joke."). Hooray! Toby said it was a "short little funny arc thing," which cleared my apprehension that the vegan character might be too one-note.

So I just got home and popped the bottle of Gloria Ferrar Brut sparkling wine that I just happened to buy the other night, and it tastes like victory. Hell yeah!

Serving Bessie, Western Massachusetts, artistic freedom

Sunday, December 03, 2006

Well, Serving Bessie is Done...

Just finished the first draft. Two pages, solid, funny. At least, Avram kept giggling during our over-the-phone read-through, and then said not to change a thing.

So I'm saying it now: my brand-new one-act, Serving Bessie, is ready for a public reading. Perhaps I'll trot it out in front of the Mytown Playwright's Lab next week. If it plays for them, I'll be happy, 'cause they're a pretty politically correct group and this play? It's sick as hell. As promised. Tee hee hee!

Serving Bessie, seeking representation, sick as hell

New Play's a-Brewin'

I had a great time at a tea party yesterday. It was disclosed fairly early in the afternoon that I write plays, which worked out great, because when one woman said something that made me go, "ooooh!", she gave me permission to write about it before I even had to ask. I had the ending by the time I drove home, and the structure before I went to bed. I allowed Monstro to offer suggestions and listened quietly, then dropped the ending on him a couple of hours later. Can't remember the last time I heard him laugh that hard. So, off to a good start. Now I just have to write the thing -- preferably in time for the next tea party.

Working title? Serving Bessie. Will it be funny? Hell yeah. And totally sick.

playwright, one act, totally sick