Saturday, November 04, 2006

Lindsay Lohan's Birkin: e-mail between playwrights

My e-mail inbox parlayed the following exchange to me, in the form of a question from one playwright for Wednesday's reading and the answer from another.
* * * * *

Sarah wrote:
Hello Everyone,

Someone at my work wanted to bring his 9 year old daughter to the reading and I was wondering what age level you all think the plays are at? Obviously, each child is different but I was just wanted to get a general sense.

For my play, I'd place it at a PG13 or so. There is some violence (implied because it's a reading) which might be upsetting. It might be fun for younger child because there is a made up language.

- Sarah

Lynne replied:
I would say at least pg-13 for mine -- they have to be okay with descriptions of sex between lesbians

* * * * *

I love my town. Actually, two of the four plays feature lesbian content. Fifty percent? That's about right for this city.

In deference to full discosure, I responded, "Mine is G-PG, more for the dialogue than anything else.--LBJ."

Lindsay Lohan's Birkin, lesbianism, Smith College

Lindsay Lohan's Birkin: clarification

Just to be clear in the later post (either above this or below this, depending upon whether you read this chronologically or counter-chronologically), the playwright named "Lynne" is not I. Of four of the participants, three are named some derivation of "Lynn." My funny husband suggested we call the evening, "Night of 1,000 Lynns and one Sarah." Heh heh heh.

Friday, November 03, 2006

Lindsay Lohan's Birkin: All we need is rehearsal

This week, Lynn learned that when opting for verisimilitude, one doesn't always know what one is letting one's self in for...

Lindsay Lohan's Birkin has a cast list of two teen girls. That's all. And considering that in my day, you couldn't get a teen girl off the phone, I figured I'd hear from them the moment they read the cast list.

Not so, Sherlock.

I finally drove to their high school, hours before my in-laws arrived from out West. I'd spoken with the administrator that morning, and he'd assured me that scripts could be delivered to the girls in class. Once I arrived, babe in arms, and asked if I could stay for confirmation that the girls had taken possession of said envelopes, he just looked 'em up and called them out of class.

I'd been a bit frantic at the cross-communication, so once I laid eyes on my cast, my shoulders came down from my ears. One girl had forgotten to tell me she was in a show starting Friday, so that helped me understand the underlying issue a bit. And happily, they're both taking classes at the school where I'd reserved rehearsal space, so they 1) know where that is and 2) will both be in class there Monday afternoon.

We're rehearsing Monday evening and Tuesday afternoon. Our show? Wednesday.

Oh, and the other actress just called to say she's touring college campuses, and won't be back for Monday's rehearsal. I gave her some notes over the phone and asked her to think about costuming. I also told her to tell her co-star I expect to see HER Monday night.

I've never directed by proxy, but damned if I'm not getting good at it.

Did I tell you we're FIRST on the program? And yes, there will be a program. I double-checked the actresses' names before sending in the information.

As a theatrical warm-up, DH has to re-read "Endgame" for class Tuesday afternoon, so last night we read it aloud. He was Hamm and Nagg. I was Clov, Nell, and Nagg (whenever there were Hamm and Nagg exchanges.)

It's funny to me, to think that the Hamm/Clov relationship in that play mirrors the James Joyce/Samuel Beckett relationship when Beckett was Joyce's secretary (as the latter wrote _Finnegan's Wake_). Or maytbe it's just about the apocalypse:

    Clov: It won't rain.

That's on page four and it says it all, I think.

And, on the bright side, at least we won't be over-rehearsed. And I'm having plenty of time to spend with hubby's folks!

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Thursday, November 02, 2006

Baby Walked November First

He took three side-steps toward me that morning, and seven forward steps that night, trying to get a glass of red wine away from my mother-in-law.