Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Rhythmball=Rain Dance???

I went to my garden this morning, Miracle-Gro in one hand and Rhythmball paddle in the other. After talking to my garden neighbor Susan, who enjoys betting people a dollar that they can't guess how old my baby is (nobody's taken cash from her yet), about the community's disparagment about M-G (lots of organic types around, apparently), I dosed my veggies and sat in my donated chair, watching things grow and weeding within arm's reach. After I finished my coffee I decided to put my Rhythmball skills to the test: I went to the central area of the garden, near the tool shed, and started swingin'. This was the first time I'd Rhythmballed in public and I have to say, I surprised myself with how well I did. Even managed some under-the-leg tricks! And, by the time I was done, I'd made it rain! Hope it doesn't wash all my Miracle-Gro away!

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