Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Just when I start feeling good...

hardy har har

I'm in a drama club of playwrights and actors here in Mytown, and last night we read one of the participant's new plays. She asked me to read the part of the rabbi. "I didn't work too hard to get outside actors to read," she said, "because a lot of the people in the group fit the roles I'm having read." I felt pretty good about being asked to participate until I sat down and read her Dramatis Personae. "Rabbi Adele: hip, slightly frumpy. 40s." And then I wanted to die. Frumpy??? Forty??????!!!!! The only way I got through it was by channeling Jon Lovitz: ACT-ing! I must be a hell of an actress if I can get people to believe I'm frumpy and 40. Yeah, that's it. Uh huh.

Acting, Frumpy, Despair


beckyjsacto said...

Obviously she has not seen you in your disco ball shoes or rockin' out a Def Leppard show. You are NOT frumpy or even close to being or looking 40! Sheesh!

Monstro said...

You're beautiful and vivacious. Besides, you're acting group is Northampton. It's not exactly "in touch with the rest of the world town." She may never have ever seen a straight woman over thirty.