Saturday, November 04, 2006

Lindsay Lohan's Birkin: e-mail between playwrights

My e-mail inbox parlayed the following exchange to me, in the form of a question from one playwright for Wednesday's reading and the answer from another.
* * * * *

Sarah wrote:
Hello Everyone,

Someone at my work wanted to bring his 9 year old daughter to the reading and I was wondering what age level you all think the plays are at? Obviously, each child is different but I was just wanted to get a general sense.

For my play, I'd place it at a PG13 or so. There is some violence (implied because it's a reading) which might be upsetting. It might be fun for younger child because there is a made up language.

- Sarah

Lynne replied:
I would say at least pg-13 for mine -- they have to be okay with descriptions of sex between lesbians

* * * * *

I love my town. Actually, two of the four plays feature lesbian content. Fifty percent? That's about right for this city.

In deference to full discosure, I responded, "Mine is G-PG, more for the dialogue than anything else.--LBJ."

Lindsay Lohan's Birkin, lesbianism, Smith College

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