Sunday, July 30, 2006

First Month's Progress

I started this blog and my RR (Rhythmball Regimen) exactly one month ago today. What has the time and effort yielded, you ask? How does my cost-benefit analysis stack up? Pull up a chair:

1) Rhythmball 3-4 times a week, 30 minutes/session
led to
2) Drinking two liters of water daily
led to
3) Sucralose and fat-free half-and-half in my coffee every morning, instead of sugar and half-and-half or some sort of cream
led to
4) At least 500 stomach crunches a week
led to
5) Light beer only
led to
6) Watching less TV (at least two fewer hours each day)
led to
7) Completing at least 12 girlie pushups each night

These activities, coupled with carrying my baby more often than "strolling" him, has granted me the following benefits:
1) Down one pant size
2) Definition in my upper arms and, more importantly, the formerly fat-only bulge between my shoulder and boob
3) Speaking of boobs, at the beginning of RR I fastened my bra at the farthest eyes. Now, I'm using the closest eyes, plus have tightened the straps as much as possible
4) MUCH easier to climb stairs while holding the baby
5) Haven't bumped my hips into anything (doorframe, table) in more than a week

How much weight have I lost? Beats me. I don't have a scale, because they make me weird. I prefer to go by clothing size and fitness level.


Pants size June 30, 2006: 22

Pants size July 30, 2006: 20

Bra size June 30, 2006: tight 42G

Bra size July 30, 2006: loose 42G

NEXT MONTH'S GOALS: Down to an 18, master Rhythmball's Set Two, eat more vegetables

OVERARCHING GOAL: Get back into my black leather pants -- preferably by Christmas

Do I work for Rhythmball? Sure. Are the above benefits real or imagined? REAL. And people are beginning to notice, which encourages me to continue.

Rhythmball got me to get up off the couch. What could it do for you???

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beckyjsacto said...

Awesome job, Lynn! I chortled when I read your post about "giving up ice cream" halfway through your pregnancy. I'm still boycotting that place, I hope you know.

Anonymous said...

Neat site. I watched those videos on the rhythmball homepage. It's kind of hypnotic watching those people -- looks sort of difficult, but fun, too.

I wondered whether you & your husband were still blogging. He seems to have stopped updating quite a while back.