Friday, July 28, 2006

Got the World in a Sling

One of the many helpful things about getting fitter is that it's really helping me lug my baby around. He turned eight months old last week and is weighing in at 24 pounds. I'd been using the stroller in my pre-Rhythmball days, but now that my arms and legs are getting more toned (and my cardiovascular system is getting whipped into shape), I've been putting him in the baby sling and carrying him around on my hip. Yesterday he had a little walk-around modelling gig for a friend who designs baby clothes, and I walked around downtown with him in the sling for 40 minutes. Two months ago, this would not have been possible. He loves the view -- being able to look people in the eye is a real high for him -- and he was so wired by the time we got home it took me 90 minutes to put him down for his nap. I didn't Rhythmball yesterday and was feeling a little guilty about that, until I remembered I'd carried my squirmy, 24-lb. potato sack around town for 40 minutes. Great exercise, that. Angelina Jolie makes it look so easy and now I can, too. :)

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