Saturday, July 15, 2006

Learning the Tai Chi Way

I've been doing a lot of research about Tai Chi and those associated with it. My favorite reference nugget thus far is an interview with Grand Master Alex Anatole, who runs the Center of Traditional Taoist Studies outside of Boston, MA. He was interviewed by our local Cn8 network about his book, The Truth of Tao, hardand the newscaster began by saying how it seemed in his book, Anatole was saying that for most people, life sucks and then you die.

"No, for all of us." Anatole clarified.

His facto reminded me of the woman I heard of who awakens every morning and prays, "whatever," then goes to bed at night and prays, "oh well."

Tai Chi is softness turned against hardness. There's some of that in every philosophy, religion, or dogma, I suppose. But it's amazing to take that to your heart and mind, and then create a physical manifestation.



Ms. Strega said...

Hi, Lynn--I wish you luck and health in this journey. I, too, have very similar struggles and started exercising. I really do feel better, happier, and far more healthy. Give yourself lots of encouragement!

wujimon said...

I feel we can apply taiji principles in all facets of life, whether it be home or work. Hope you choose to explore the taiji way :)

Rhythmball Lynn said...

Thanks, wujimon. I agree with you, from what I've learned so far....