Saturday, July 01, 2006

White Rabbit!

My mom's mom always used to wake up on the first of the month and say "White Rabbit." She said it ensures you'll have good luck the whole month through. When I was engaged to my husband I said "White Rabbit" one morning and he looked at me as though I'd gone insane. I guess other peoples' families don't say it. Unless yours does...

Anyway, I awoke this morning, said "white rabbit," and realized that I was actually looking forward to doing my Rhythmball practice. I am in no way an exerciser, so this is a strange and foreign (redundancy to underscore just how strange and foreign this feeling was) feeling. I plugged the DVD into my laptop again and swung along with Mr. Ji. There were two parts of the basic action set I could not get the hang of yesterday: the under-leg throw and the behind-the-body throw. Today I actually accomplished a couple of under-leg throws! Time spent analyzing the behind-the-body throw was spent in vain, however. I think that one might have to wait until I have less weight behind my body. :) Twenty minutes of Rhythmballing (does that sound dirty?) later and I had worked up a good, healthy sweat and saw roses in my cheeks. I was so excited that I sat down to blog to you good people about it.

Now it's time to shower before baby awakens from his cranky-time nap. He pushed himself up to sitting from his belly yesterday! I figure he'll be ready for his own baby Rhythmball exercise equipment by next month. OK, maybe the month after that.

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