Monday, August 28, 2006

Another sweat-inducing activity

Last week I announced that only canning is as sweat-inducing as Rhythmball. I'd like to revise that statement, having spent all of last week helping a Southern woman move. I usually don't rely on such generalizations but having spent hours packing her 1) makeup and 2) shoes, I belive the designation is important. We must have packed eight tall cartons of shoes. Eight! And of course they had to be split into "Fall shoes," "Winter Shoes," and "Shoes" designations. Frankly, last week was all about sweating and designating. I packed her bathroom, pantry, and kitchen, plus made a trip to her storage unit to help load up two enormous trunks -- think "Rope" enormous. All this, and I still managed to get in two Rhythmball sessions. But after being the only person helping a Southern woman move all week, that exercise might have been a bit superfluous. My friend did, however, note that I'm strong. Good combination of Rhythmball and toting around my enormous baby.

And why was I the only person who helped her (save my DH who came on the last day)? Because she's lived in New England since 1998. She was feeling pretty bummed about the fact that none of her peeps came by, but I let her know that when our pastor moved this summer, DH and I were the only ones who helped him pack.

But that's another rant for another day, possibly on another blog.

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