Friday, September 15, 2006

Goin' Shopping

So baby and I went shopping yesterday, to help lift our tired-of-the-rain spirits, get baby his first pair of shoes, and make a lil' dent in the university finanical aid check that came this week (thanks, UMass-Amherst!). We started at JoAnn's as I'm itching to make a new skirt, but baby started screeching so we wheeled out of there in a hurry and went to Target, where my Anne Klein heels made obscene squeaking noises on the tile floor. Ventured over to the shoe department because of baby's aforementioned need and my desire for a hot pair of boots. I'd seen a link to some Issac Mizrahi kicks on The Blog of the Manolo and was itching to try them on.

Shoes have been a big deal to me lately. After having baby, my feet grew and so none of my shoes fit anymore. It wasn't such a problem this summer as sandals and Birkenstocks are pretty forgiving, but the rain hasn't been very Birk-friendly, so I've been combing Zappos for sales. And now Target.

I found the boots and noticed that they featured a "stretch upper." Now, my pre-Rhythmball calf would have pushed that upper to the limit. Who am I kidding -- it would have busted the teeth out of the zipper like kernels of corn off the cob. It put the "calf" in "calf." But now? No problem to zip those babies up! And they look amazing! I celebrated by adding a croc-stamped black stiletto pumps to the boots atop baby's stroller, then picked up a pair of trainers for DH so I could justify the expense, and a cute pair of lion-head slippers for baby.

Buoyed by my boot success, I stopped in a the women's wear section and a black suiting jacket caught my eye. I tried on the 20w and it was HUGE on me. Hardly daring to hope, I slipped on the 18w. Too big!!!! Not only could I button it but it positively gaped on me. I gaped back. :)

Tried on a 16 in the "non-fatty" department and it was too tight, but I could at least slip it on.

I don't have a scale because they make me crazy. My ever-loosening wardrobe has been evidence enough. And maybe the women's wear at Target is "sized for egos, not people" (my favoritest "Six Feet Under" line ever), but who cares! The 18 was too big!!! Thank you, Rhythmball, for being fun enough to keep me active, and useful enough to help me with my weight-loss goals.

Tar-zjay, weight loss, Rhythmball works!

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