Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Down three sizes in three months!

It's official -- I am down to a 16/18 from a 22/24 (it was a really tight 22) in three months, WITHOUT DIETING. I'm serious about that "without dieting" part. I'm a new mom. I live for chocolate and am not about to deny myself such a small thing that makes me sooooooo happy.

But on the sizing front, my in-laws just sent me a box of clothes, because they love to shop and are gracious and generous people, and all of the size-18 pants they sent FIT. Even the two pairs of Tommy Hilfiger jeans. And they look great. Darling Husband was ticked off at me the other night, and yet still managed to notice "a little bit" that I look hot in my new jeans.

My energy level is up, my strength level is up, and even our sex life is improving. But more about that in another post, one likely to be entitled, "Too Much Information."

The Amazing Race, no diet, chocolate, improved marital relations


Ms. Strega said...

YAY! I'm so proud of you, Lynn!!
Ditto for the play...amazing. Will you have pix of this to post when it happens? I am glad for the good stuff happening in your life.

Rhythmball Lynn said...

Thank you! I've been shy about posting pictures to this blog, but the time is coming... In other news, I cast the play today and I think it's going to be really good.