Monday, October 23, 2006

Media Maven Madness

First off, on a personal note: My new play is being staged! It was chosen for the first-ever public reading of the Mytown Playwright's Lab, and will be staged as such on November 8th. It is called "Lindsay Lohan's Birkin" and I'm auditioning actresses and a co-director this week. Can't freaking wait.

In other news, Rhythmball will be featured in Volume 30/Issue 4 of "Activities, Adaptation & Aging." You might also be seeing it in the print home of the Manolo! (be still my heart). And another HUGE newspaper might be covering it, but I can't say the name here for fear of jinxing it.

Finally, we've edited together all the Rhythmball content from "The Amazing Race." If you have a high-speed connection (cable modem/DSL or higher), check it out here.

That is all. But, for a Monday, not bad! Not bad at all!

The Amazing Race, Lindsay Lohan, Hermes Birkin, media goddess

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