Sunday, December 03, 2006

Well, Serving Bessie is Done...

Just finished the first draft. Two pages, solid, funny. At least, Avram kept giggling during our over-the-phone read-through, and then said not to change a thing.

So I'm saying it now: my brand-new one-act, Serving Bessie, is ready for a public reading. Perhaps I'll trot it out in front of the Mytown Playwright's Lab next week. If it plays for them, I'll be happy, 'cause they're a pretty politically correct group and this play? It's sick as hell. As promised. Tee hee hee!

Serving Bessie, seeking representation, sick as hell

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Suz said...

Ooooh. Twisted? Sick as hell?! Sounds right up my alley. Woo hoo! I raise my imaginary skull teacup to you!!! :-) (btw, I don't know if you read replies to comments, but I mentioned on my blog that your comment about 'wishing we were friends so you could get me said teacup is just about the most dear thing anyone has ever said to me. :-)) K, enough sap. Bring on the sick!